Since 2004

RECENT commercial loans in Texas and other TOP 50 Markets:

for land and Commercial income type properties.


Restaurant loan in San Antonio,TX - 2 million - 12 month bridge loan

Various land loans for developers and builders in Texas

Construction loans for 2-4 units in Texas and NC

Apartment bridge loan in San Antonio

We recently have arranged funding on raw land in Texas ( 2 million) , vacant - almost vacant apt buildings, warehouse, multiple condo units. We have closed in less than 10 days and less than 30 with our soft money when a full appraisal is needed. Lot development, construction and even single family portfolios.


rates from 7.99 to 13% pending project and borrower

Non Recourse Construction Loans - 75% Loan to Cost

100% on NNN deals



Types of Commercial Bridge Loans :

1.Acquisition & Development loans for commercial land (subdivisions, retail and mf land..)
2.Hard money for Apartment buildings, office ,retail, warehouse ,more... (vacant, rehab needed..)
3.Commercial real estate rehab & redevelopment
4.Refinance owner carried notes that are coming due (fast closes, ltv-asset based)
5.Refinance, WITH cash out to borrower for other real estate projects

6. New construction to 70% completed value - min 10% sponsor contribution

Other commercial property types and loan types- Texas and Nationwide

Single tenant developments (national type or credited tenant)


Borrower Credit and Document ion Type :

White the loans are asset based, the more documentation our borrowers can provide the better the terms can be. Even higher leverage with borrowers who have reasonable credit and assets.

Recourse is typical but non recourse is certainly available.



We are looking for commercial real estate lending opportunities Texas other top 100 MSA type areas. We are Direct Lender,broker and intermediary to small family office and real estate investment groups for larger private equity financing. Our years of experience and relationships with non bank financing groups make our flexibility our biggest advantage.

We can provide non-traditional (Private/hard money) funding for many types of commercial real estate transactions in major cities of Texas. Commercial bridge loans may be used as a temporary solution to obtain funding for re-finance or a purchase of commercial income property or owner occupied commercial property.

Our strength is officering experience and consultative approach to challenging Commercial Real estate transactions. Unlike many brokers and lenders who always say yes , we discuss some of the deal makers and deal killers of your loan up front and decide a path.



Quick Decisions - apply online for 24 hour pre approval - please have a well thought out request and exit strategy. If you need help preparing your presentation, we offer help.

Commercial real estate

Purchase portfolios, unfinished projects, distressed assets and more with private and institutional bridge money..

Land Loan

Land financing with private funds. Small loans in Texas and 500k greater in top 25 type markets.


Purchase value add, refinance, cash out or use bridge money for any short term (1-3 years) need for your apartment -Multifamily property.