About Urban Coyote Funding – Commercial Bridge and Hard Money Loans

Since 2003, Monty Busch, Urban Coyote Funding, has specialized in arranging debt for investors of real estate. He started as a mortgage broker handling bank loans for residential properties, and still does this today. The company has evolved into raising private capital for use on commercial real estate AND residential properties for debt, equity and purchases.

Our group is both a lender, as we do loan our own capital, and intermediary to various small niche capital groups in Texas, including non bank funds, life insurance companies and individuals. If you have small rehab  & hard money needs in Texas  ,try Texasrehabloan.com(our 1- 4 family and small loan site)

Today we are funding deals nationwide with select private funds and individuals. We look to make loans in top 100 metro areas.

Borrowers and brokers will find our approach refreshing as we transparent the throughout the process. We review quickly and move to close quickly if the deal is approved and doable.

Our Method and advantage:

Flexibility is our strength. Besides having control of capital, we also have a multitude of available resources and funds available. We are then better positioned to offer solutions for complex yet sound real estate projects and property.

Transactions for commercial and residential investment type projects can be far more complicated than the ordinary bank loan. For the owner occupier or developer, real world experience will give me an edge in finding the best deal for my clients.

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Urban Coyote Funding