Land Financing (Raw and Development)

Our land development loans are typically secured by the land and/or other collateral the developer may have in possession.

Use for acquisition, development of already owned land as collateral to fund other projects.

End use may vary and the owner may have various exit strategies.

Land used may include improvements, funds for roads, sewers, and many others that would be needed to make the land ready for improvements and construction.

Examples of land development loans and horizontal improvements may include

  • Roads
  • Engineering and leveling
  • Grading or scraping of land
  • Subdividing and plat design
  • Bringing power, sewer and water to the area

Typical loan to value or loan to cost:

50% LTV on land is common with our private funding, although 60-70% is doable under the right circumstances.

The better and stronger the exit, the higher likelihood of higher LTV.

Consider various exits (residential, senior living, apartments, medical…) the more the better.

Send us your summary, complete with borrower background, land details and exit strategy from what will probably be a 3 loan maximum (many are 12 months).

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