Preferred equity loan – for stable properties

Based in Net income


Equity program #1

Pref Equity capital for stabilized cash-flowing properties

Get upfront pref equity capital, no credit, no liens, no mortgages, on cash-flowing stabilized properties, showing net income, All based on net income from T-12, monthly profit and loss
11% to 18% annual rates- plus 1 lender point 
7 to 30 days to fund from acceptance of full file
no restrictions on capital
can use the funds to buy new properties or renovate  another property or partner buyout
we can provide capital for 1 property for as low as $100k advance  to  a $2.5M advance per company/entity; WE can place advances on multiple qualified properties and or LLC’s

Preferred Equity


✔️  7  to 30 Day Close

✔️ Keep Your Equity

✔️ 1% lender Origination Fees

✔️ No Balloon Payments

✔️ Flexible Capital

✔️ Set Monthly Payments

✔️ No Impact to Personal Credit or DTI

✔️ Performance Based

✔️ No Liens on Properties

✔️ No Trade Lines on Credits

✔️ Up to a 5-year term

The underwriting and qualification is the same across the board, T12  monthly profit and loss and must include debt service

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