Small Balance Lending

Nationwide – Long Term (20-30 Years). We have 10+ years experience placing long-term and bridge money for growing small ballance commercial loans. We work with borrowers and brokers (protected).

  • Designed for loans under 7 million (staring at 200K)
  • These are long term bank solutions.
  • Markets are anywhere in US with population over 50,000
  • Owner user and investment property.
  • Max LTV is usually 65 – 70%
  • We have rates under 4% for solid sponsor and property
  • we have some “stated” income – meaning loans are based on property and not borrower

Loan and Transaction Types :

  • Acquisition and Refinance
  • Apartment buildings, office, retail, warehouse, more…
  • Refinance owner carried notes
  • Refinance, WITH cash out

Our basic process:
Through the years we have developed relationships with various investors that range from institutional lenders to private lenders that have allowed us to fund projects that traditional institutions could or would not consider. Commercial real estate transactions have different needs, but, time and money are a large consideration.

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